Customer insight for government
Listening to your customers isn't just desirable, its essential in delivering value and impact. More...
Portal strategy for government
  • Citizen centric
  • Business portals
  • Web 2.0

An effective portal strategy is essential if you want to reduce costs, realize savings and improve customer satisfaction. More...
e-Government Results: a consultancy that delivers
e-Government Results has global experience in assisting governments with significantly improving their online channel

With experience across four continents in the world’s leading government portal and website implementations, e-Government Results is ideally positioned to advise and support your next step in transforming government service delivery.

We’ve demonstrated consistently the impact government portals and websites can make in improving customer satisfaction, reducing service delivery costs and realizing savings. Crucially we’ve proven how effective government websites save citizens and businesses time and money and create a substantial benefit to the economy.

e-Government Results believe in a holistic approach to customers and stakeholders. By taking a total view of their engagement with government we identify strategic and immediate opportunities that improve their experience and your budget bottom line.

Want to know more about how you can improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs and realize savings for government? Contact us for impartial e-government advice that delivers value and results.    

What makes e-Government Results stand out as a consultancyWhat stands us apart from the rest
  • A team of consultants and partners with demonstrated experience and inside knowledge globally in e-government
  • A unique blend of strategy development and on-the-ground implementation knowledge to deliver and improve on successful government portals and websites
  • Passionate about the bottom line: we can discover the underlying financial impact and value of your portal or website, helping you make compelling arguments and business cases for improved budget allocation
  • Building an informed evidence base so you can make improved business decisions that will resonate with your customers
  • Working in partnership with you and delivering enhanced value for your government
  • A culture of innovation and improving customer satisfaction for citizens and businesses